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Ad Operations & Yield

Our yield management teams help publishers maximize their digital revenues by ensuring constant optimization of their programmatic partners and revenue streams, ensuring an as-high-as-possible revenue per impression sold.

AdOps & Yield


Digimed understands the nuances of Ad Operations and uses a proactive approach to run your daily operational process effectively by managing all of the moving parts to deliver successful results.

  • Pixel Implementation
  • Programmatic Implementation
  • Trafficking
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging
AdOps & Yield

Yield Management

Digimed uses data-driven insights and automation to help you capture advertising revenue more efficiently across all of your inventory.

  • Formulation of pricing strategy based on consumer behavior and demand predictions
  • Optimizations for highest prices/CPMs and max fill rate
  • Increase and fine-tune demand sources to increase bid competition
  • Media buying
  • Reporting and analytics