Krush Media Launches, Offering Fully-Managed Digital Advertising Solution for Advertisers and Publishers

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Owner and operator of popular social apps for millennials, including ooVoo, expands digital advertising offering – entering the traditional and programmatic space

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DAYTON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Krush Media, a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to traditionally and programmatically execute powerful ad campaigns that engage and monetize audiences across all screens, launched today. For the past several years, Krush has owned and operated popular social apps, including ooVoo, representing a suite of top mobile, tablet, desktop and CTV publishers. The company’s new, full-service offering will allow advertisers to place highly targeted and effective ads across all screens that drive deep customer engagement and higher conversion rates, while publishers can programmatically connect with advertisers and media buyers in search of high-quality ad inventory. Krush Media’s Publisher Direct Network and ooVoo Audience Extension, coupled with its programmatic solution, first and third-party user data and full-service campaign management, guarantee measurable results across its network of partners.

“The digital advertising industry is noisy, crowded and rapidly evolving – and quite frankly, it’s not always easy to get what you pay for,” said Brian Faust, co-founder and president, Krush Media. “We’re launching Krush Media as a fully managed and transparent solution to drive real engagement and ROI for our partners. As owners and operators of a portfolio of digital properties, including leading video chat app ooVoo, we are leveraging nearly 200 million primarily millennial users to provide our Audience Extension capability, allowing us to guarantee less bot and non-human traffic. We also have a cadre of highly experienced media, business development and ad operations experts available to help our partners derive maximum revenue efficiency across all screens including desktop, mobile, tablet and CTV.”

In addition to enabling partners on both sides of the ad buying/selling process to monetize their audiences, generating greater revenue, Krush Media provides safe, bot-free activations, ensuring that clients receive true ROI from their campaigns, across all screens.

“Krush Media has achieved great success for our clients leveraging the ooVoo Audience Extension and now, with our world class monetization team in place, we are excited to expand our commitment to delivering the smartest and most innovative solutions that address the challenges that advertisers and publishers face in this dynamic and growing industry,” said JP Nauseef, Krush Media Executive Chairman.

Additional benefits for Krush Media advertisers include:

ooVoo Audience Extension: Enables advertisers to target, engage and monetize the hard to reach millennial audience, regardless of how they consume content, across any screen. The ooVoo Audience Extension provides access to first-party data on more than 185 million registered ooVoo users, across 1000’s of mobile apps and websites, offering advertisers increased scale. With access to the ooVoo Audience Extension and Krush Media’s extensive network of publishers, brands can now distribute high performing programmatic video ads that target ooVoo users in a more converged, integrated way – leading to the kind of engagement that drives measurable customer action.

Publisher Direct Network: In addition to its programmatic advertising solution, Krush Media works directly with a network of leading publishers through its Publisher Direct Network. This service allows brands to take a strategic approach to digital advertising – providing guaranteed inventory, high campaign performance and more impactful audience engagement. Krush Media has partnered with trusted publishers that have high performing and viewable inventory so advertisers can be confident that their campaigns will achieve ROI.

“Executing a successful digital advertising campaign in today’s highly converged media landscape requires a combination of traditional and programmatic approaches to guarantee that ads are being seen by high-quality viewers and campaigns achieve their desired outcomes,” said Jeff Chi, co-founder and COO, Krush Media. “By joining forces with our network of leading publishers and advertisers, combined with leveraging our rich first-party user data and the best ad tech available, Krush Media is driving revenue, deep audience engagement and monetization for all of our advertiser and publisher clients.”

To learn more about Krush Media, visit: www.digimedllc.com

About Krush Media:

Krush Media, LLC is a full-service digital advertising and media company that allows brands and publishers to traditionally and programmatically execute powerful ad campaigns that engage and monetize audiences across all screens. We enable brands to place highly targeted and effective ads that drive customer engagement and increase conversions, while eliminating non-human traffic. Our fully managed solution offers advertisers demographic, geo-fencing, cross-device, behavioral and retargeting capabilities. Publishers that work with us are able to optimize and sell video ad inventory across all screens including desktop, mobile, tablet and CTV. In addition, our services include comprehensive ad operations management to assist publishers with yield management and campaign trafficking.

Krush Media, LLC currently manages all monetization related activities including ad sales and ad operations for Krush Technologies, LLC, which owns and operates the popular social communications app ooVoo, amongst other large publishing properties.

Learn more at www.digimedllc.com


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