My MediLife

    My MediLife uses the basic theory of Satellite Diagnostic testing, known as a Satellite's "State of Health" (SOH). This methodology assesses its current functional health as well as predicting future functional health through a collection of data. My MediLife applies this same theory to individuals.

    My MediLife stores critical health parameters resulting from blood and urine tests as well as personal lifestyle information such as weight, dietary habits, blood pressure, etc.

    My MediLife tracks and correlates these parameters the same way a Satellite is monitored and provides an individual with their "State of Health."

    These critical health parameters are currently input manually into My MediLife, but Digimed is working with the major Laboratories to conform with a new rule by the Department of Health and Human Services to allow patients to obtain their test results electronically directly from the Labs.

    My MediLife also organizes you and your children's medical records, including doctors, allergies, medications, and more, for immediate finger tip reference.

    On activation of your My MediLife app, emergency information is readily available to an Emergency Technician (EMT), hospital, or physician.

    Individuals are encouraged to work proactively with their physicians to develop a get well plan.

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